How Lash Extensions Can be Your Game Changer

Imagine being able to wake up, one step closer to looking glamorous and ready to face the day? Well, those with lash extensions are already living that dream. Since the eyes are always the focal point of any makeup routine, lash extensions have been a real game changer for those who have them. If you’ve entertained the idea of getting lash extensions, but aren’t sure if you should take the plunge, here’s everything you need to know about them and how they compare to false lashes.

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Love Your Hair This Fall With These 5 Tips

The end of summer is a busy time for everyone, but as we say our goodbyes to warm nights and wrap up what’s left on our summer checklist, most of us are ready to slow down in anticipation for fall. For many of us, the most exciting thing about autumn is exploring new hair trends, so in preparation for the season, here are our favourite tips for setting your hair up for success this fall:

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The Essentials of Summertime Footcare

Our feet take us many places, so it’s only fair that we take good care of them. With summer in full swing, you may have noticed that sandal season is starting to take its toll. Daily exposure to the elements can leave your feet feeling dry, calloused, discoloured, or even cracked. If you want take back your soft, supple soles and continue wearing your favourite open-toed shoes with confidence, then it’s going to take some upkeep in between pedicures. Here’s a guide you can use when occasionally using the nail clippers and slathering on lotion just isn’t cutting it.

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The Truth About Split Ends

Are split ends interfering with your hair goals? They come in many forms, and the myths surrounding this common hair issue has generated a lot of confusion. You may have heard mixed information on how split ends are caused, whether they can be repaired, or what the secret is for getting rid of them for good. All you’ll find here is pure, simple truth about one of the most common hair concerns and the best way of managing them.

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Wash Your Hair Woes Away

While you might think washing your hair is just a mundane step in your morning routine, it actually plays a big part in influencing hair characteristics. Traits such as texture, colour, stylability, and much more can be effected by this one step in your regimen. It’s also important to note that quality is better than quantity, as daily washing can lead to residue-coated strands, colour fading, and dryness. In order to get the best out of your hair, think of washing as more of a treatment for your specific hair needs and goals. Here are some common hair concerns that can be overcome simply by washing:

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Love Your Curly Hair With These 5 Tips

The beauty and natural volume of curly hair is enviable, but keeping waves and ringlets soft and frizz-free comes with its own set of unique challenges. Hair care in Toronto can also be demanding for curly types- with the humid summers and cold, dry winters. If you want to spend more time loving your curls rather than fighting with them, remember these tips and your curls will reward you with bounce, softness, and shine.

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Healthy Solutions for Clearing Acne

Out of all troublesome skin issues, acne is perhaps the most common and distressing. A bad breakout can make even the most confident among us feel uncomfortable in our own skin. Not only do we distress over the way acne looks, but it can be outright painful and potentially leave behind lifelong scars. If you’ve tried numerous products to no avail, here are some healthy methods of finally get rid of acne from the inside out.

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6 Easy Ways to Revamp Your Hair

The truth is, a woman’s greatest accessory is her hair, and a smart woman knows the potential it has to shape and influence her appearance. If you’re trying to revamp your image, a new hairstyle will have a greater impact over a new wardrobe or shade of lipstick. Here are some simple ways you can breathe some new life into your hairstyle.

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Top Skincare Tips for Warm Weather


As the weather warms up, the desire to get out and enjoy the sun grows ever stronger. If you are looking forward to becoming a bronze goddesses this summer, it’s a good time to give your skin the tender loving care it needs. By adjusting your skin regimen to suit the season, you can reap all the benefits of the sun without having to sacrifice soft, dewy, and youthful skin.

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How to Care for Colour Treated Hair

Hair Style Curling Iron

If you’re one of the many women who love the versatility of colouring their hair, then you know preserving vibrant pigment and silky smooth texture are important parts of aftercare. Whether you’ve had a full process, highlights, ombre, or balayage, follow these styling and maintenance tips in order to keep your hair looking lustrous and salon-fresh. Read More