Richard Ponce

Richard first entered the industry in 2002. Collectively, he is now going into his 15th year and loving it more as the years go by! In his free time, Richard loves going out for dinner and drinks. He also enjoys reading and some time to himself every now and then. He likes writing, eating healthy, hitting the gym, and sports like basketball, volleyball, soccer, and tennis. Richard is extremely passionate about hair and everything that comes along with it – he loves colouring, cutting, styling, everything! He is a people pleaser; and enjoys giving people that boost they need to help them through the week or month. He believes that introducing a new look or a new philosophy into your daily routine will enhance the way one looks and feels. Richard attended Marrel Beauty School, and has an extensive amount of training from a variety of names like Vidal Sassoon and L’Oreal. He is constantly searching for inspiration from sources like men and women’s hair and fashion magazines, and also frequently attends hair shows and conventions, and of course, his clients are always inspiring him to do bigger and better things.