6 Easy Ways to Revamp Your Hair

The truth is, a woman’s greatest accessory is her hair, and a smart woman knows the potential it has to shape and influence her appearance. If you’re trying to revamp your image, a new hairstyle will have a greater impact over a new wardrobe or shade of lipstick. Here are some simple ways you can breathe some new life into your hairstyle.

Tip #1:Try Out Some New Bangs

It’s pretty incredible how much our face-framing hairs can influence our looks, and there’s almost always unexplored territory when it comes to bangs. Between blunt fringes, side-swept bangs, or soft and wispy bangs, there’s always something to try. Or, if you’ve been sporting bangs for as long as you can remember, you can try growing them out for a season to see how you feel bangs-free. Before having them cut, you can experiment with some clip-in bangs for a better idea of what kind of look you want.

Tip #2: Increase Shine

You can experiment with different hairstyles all you want, but as long as your hair is looking dull and lack-lustre you’ll never quite get that wow factor you’re after. For super radiant, shiny hair, consider getting a glaze or gloss treatment. A gloss treatment will give you a ton of shine from scalp to ends that lasts for months. This will save you from having to add more product to your hair for shine that only lasts between washes. You can also try a shine serum, hair oil, or spray if you want to give your hair a quick boost in sheen.

Tip #3: Amp up Your Volume

Limp hair has a way of dragging down the rest of your appearance. If your hectic schedule has kept you from giving your hair the time and attention it needs, then your tresses could be looking a bit lifeless. You can start putting the bounce back in your hair by having a blowout done or taking some extra steps to increase volume at home. You can achieve greater volume by combing through and blow drying your hair, using a volume-boosting product, or by putting in a french braid overnight and waking up to beautifully textured and voluminous hair.

Tip #4: Experiment with Extensions

If you’re game for some real experimentation, extensions are always an option. They can offer subtle or a dramatic transformation overnight, depending on what kind of look you want to achieve. Not only are extensions used for adding length to hair, but they’re also a great way of adding temporary streaks of colour and volume. In general, they’re excellent tool for testing out what colour, length, and texture you like best before making a permanent change. Clip-in extensions are easy to find and can be done at home, but for professional results have your salon put extensions in for you. Not only will professionally done extensions last longer, but your stylist will ensure you don’t have to worry about any loose or visible tracks, or other extension malfunctions.

Tip #5: Try a New Hair Tool

If you’re feeling stuck in a styling rut, then a new hair tool might be exactly what you need to reinvent your look or just add something different to your routine. Also, having old tools that aren’t working well or need to be updated can be a hindrance or cause damage while styling your hair. Adding a bigger sized curling iron, flat iron, crimper, hot rollers, waver, or even a different brush can bring new styling inspiration to your routine.

Tip #6: Enhance Your Colour

Whether they’re highlights or a whole process, colouring hair is a sure-fire way of freshening up (or completely altering) your look. Vibrant hair colour is youthful, striking, and is often the centerpiece of whatever statement you’re trying to make. If your hair colour is starting to look brassy, flat, faded, or your natural roots are starting to take over, then a new colour treatment would be a game changer for your appearance.

Following one or more of these tips is sure to make you feel excited about your hair again. If you’d like us to freshen up your look or give you something completely new, book an appointment with us and we’ll happily help you achieve the inspirational hair you want.