6 Frizz-Free Air Drying Tips

If your current approach to hair styling is to tame it into submission, you might be surprised to find what your hairs potential is when left alone. Even the thickest, unruliest hair can benefit from an air-drying, as long as you perfect these techniques.

Though air drying has numerous perks (low maintenance, saves time, and more gentle on hair), there are some important rules to follow to get great, frizz-free results. If air drying has left you with puffy, clumpy, or mixed textured sections of hair, chances are you’re making at least one of these mistakes.

These air drying tips will help you achieve more defined texture and wonderfully soft hair without reaching for a towel, straightener, or blow dryer.

1. Skip the shampoo (but not the conditioner)

Frizz occurs when dry, oil-stripped strands are exposed to moisture in the air. A full shampoo is typically much more than what your hair actually needs, so instead of shampooing each day, skip the days when you plan on air drying and see the difference it makes. Even though you’re holding off on the shampoo, don’t skip the conitioner – your hair will appreciate the additional moisture.

2. Comb your hair in the shower

This sounds like a major hair faux pas, but not if you use a wide toothed comb and a very gentle technique. When air drying, the best time to comb your hair is in the shower, preferably while your conditioner is setting so that your comb glides through more easily. Once you’re out of the shower, ditch your brush altogether. Any brushing while your hair is starting to dry, or even almost all the way dry will turn into unwanted frizz.

3. Deep Condition once a week

By now you may have noticed a general theme: the more hydrated your hair, the more manageable it will be after air drying. You can give your hair a boost of moisture with a weekly hair mask or deep conditioning treatment. Davines nanou hair mask offers everything that dry, brittle hair needs and will help get you through drying weather and 2indoor heating.

4. Trade your terrycloth towel for microfiber

Aggressively drying your hair with a towel is the fastest way to a head of frizzy, poufy hair. Instead, you should dab or very gently squeeze the bottom of your hair with a microfiber cloth to absorb excess moisture.

5. Use a good leave-in product

Even if it’s just argan or jojoba oil, your hair will air dry far better with some kind of moisturizing product. Those with curly or wavy hair will especially not want to skip this step, as a styling cream or serum will help reduce frizz and define the natural hair shape.

6. Give your hair some definition

If you want to encourage waves or curl in your hair, you can help it out by gently twisting it. Since your hair will dry in the shape you leave it in, you can influence the outcome but scrunching your waves or twisting your locks into spirals. To increase lift and volume, you can use clips to lift your hair near the root.

If you’re dealing with damaged or brittle hair, then taking a break from heat or abrasive towel drying and embracing air drying can give your hair the time it needs to regain strength and moisture. Next time you want to skip the blow drying, make sure you’re following these tips!