Blonde and beautiful

Going blonde can be a challenge – especially when you’ve been using that black box dye for – like – ever!

Hollywood’s hottest celebrities have been sporting faded ends famously known as the ‘ombre’ look. So how do you get those lightened locks without damaging your hair? Our stylists say the trick is to take it slow.

“Going blonde is possible but you have to do it right,” said award-winning stylist Fabrizio Perciballi.

What’s the ‘right way’ to go blonde? Well – the ‘right way’ isn’t always the easy way – Our stylists suggest approaching the lightening process in stages. “We’ll get clients on the path to their ideal result but it can often take more than one visit,” Perciballi said.

To start, the current condition of your hair will determine how light you can go. The darker the hair, the longer it will take.

“If you have black hair, don’t be discouraged,” Perciballi says. “If you have an occasion you’re planning for, set aside the appropriate amount of time to get your hair to the colour you want.”

P & H Salon and Spa is now featuring a product to help clients achieve their desired look. Olaplex is a treatment that allows the stylist push the boundaries when lightening the hair.

“This product won’t make you blonde overnight, but it will save the integrity of your hair through the lightening process,” Perciballi said.

Olaplex lightens hair without the damaging repercussions that is usually associated with extreme hair bleaching.

“Clients who push the bleaching boundaries often notice their hair becomes dry and brittle and breaks on contact,” he said. “Olaplex helps avoid that.” The treatment will brighten blondes all while maintaining the hairs integrity.

When considering going blonde, Perciballi has one tip: “Be prepared to invest in products. Using the proper treatments can make all the difference.”

Whether you want light tips and beach-like ombre or highlights at the roots for added dimension, blondes can have more fun – if you do it the ‘right way’.

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