Braid it baby!

by: Erica Vella

It’s summer. Finally, we get to relish in the sweet sun and bask in the beauty of season.

Summer coxes people out of their hardened winter shells and gives them a chance let their hair down, literally.

But… for those days that are too hot and too sticky, we have a solution for you.

This month, P & H Salon and Spa wants to reveal the beauty behind the braid.

Instead of tossing your hair in a top knot or a slicked back ponytail, we suggest weaving your hair into something different.

A braid can be worn in different ways…

Side-swept and messy

Braids don’t have to be complicated. A simple side-swept, messy braid can make your disheveled ‘do look stylish.

Use a dry shampoo at the roots to give some texture to the hair. Sweeping your hair to your preferred side, split in three sections and begin to weave your hair into a braid. When you are an inch away from the end, tie your hair off with an elastic. Gently pull at sections of the hair to give you a messier look.

Neat and tidy

There is nothing wrong with a neat and tidy braid. It demands class and screams high fashion.

Pull hair back and at the base of your head, begin to weave hair in to a tight braid from root to tip. Finish with a strong-hold hair spray to keep the braid intact.

Just pin it up

A braid can easily be switched from day to night with some spray and pins. This look exudes regal presence (without the try-hard factor).

Split your hair down the center and create two tight braids. Pin the braids in a half-moon along the top of the neck, and you are left with simple, but eye catching ‘do.

Braids don’t need to be complicated to look good. People often underestimate the subtle elegancy of this universal hairstyle.

So, next time you think of throwing your hair into a high pony tail, think twice and try something different. You may be surprised with the results.

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