hard water on hair

Chlorine, minerals, fluoride – they’re all found in water in different degrees, and they all have an effect on your skin and hair. Water with a high mineral content, usually calcium and magnesium, is what’s referred to as “hard water.”

You may have already seen hard water buildup on the end of a faucet or showerhead. It’s the white, crusty residue formed by deposits of minerals. Consider that if minerals such as calcium and magnesium can ruin showerheads or stain your faucets/sinks, imagine what they’re doing to your hair!

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Secrets to Making Your Eyes “Pop”

make your eyes pop

Everyone has their “must have” makeup product for different reasons, but ask a woman the one makeup product she would choose if she could only have one, and there’s a 50% chance she’ll say mascara. The reason seems obvious enough: eyes are the focal point of a face, and much of our physical allure, charm, and pure expression comes from our gaze

Having captivating eyes are an instant confidence booster, and we all want to know every trick in the book for making our eyes look their best. Here are our tips for making your eyes “pop”:

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What is Flamboyage?

what is flamboyage

Flamboyage is one of the latest hair colouring technique for those who want a truly blended, natural looking highlights. This technique was created by Davines very own Angelo Seminara, who put it well when he said that it looks like “highlights created by nature.”

You may have heard that Flamboyage is a “combination of ombre and balayage” but that isn’t accurate. Flamboyage is an entirely new colouring service that uses a unique application tool, also developed by Angelo Seminara. Flamboyage is not hand-painted onto strands like Balayage, and whether it is ombre or not depends entirely on how you want your stylist to apply the technique.
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