How Davines Products Help Manage Curly Hair

Appropriately named, Davines LOVE Curl line proves that the best way of dealing with curly hair is to give it the loving care it needs. Their line of curly hair products use high-quality ingredients that deeply penetrate the strands, helping your hair retain moisture and elasticity. If you’ve been looking for the answer to your curly hair problems, or just want something that enhances your natural shine, definition, and texture, here are some products we’ve found to bring out the best in curly hair.

Moisturizing Shampoo

Using the wrong kind of shampoo on curly hair can leave you with dehydrated curls and more frizz. As the warm water opens the hair cuticle, it allows cleansers to strip away oils from the inside out. Imagine the way your hands feel after being washed – they feel dry, even with oil based cleansers! This is the same thing that happens to your hair, which is why curly hair needs a shampoo that will replenish moisture – not rob your hair of it.

Davines LOVE Curl Enhancing Shampoo is both creamy and foamy, and gives your curls a hydrating and nutrient rich cleansing. Its formula contains Noto almond extract that strengthens and hydrate textured hair without disrupting the structure. The results? Increased volume, and enhanced shine and manageability.

Curl Enhancing Conditioner

The one thing all curls need is moisture, in fact, more than any other hair type, curls must be conditioned regularly. The reason curly hair is typically missing out on moisture is because unlike straight or wavy hair, the natural scalp oils can’t travel down the shaft. This is because curls and coils don’t allow for regular brushing, which is what helps oil spread and coat hair.

A deep conditioning treatment about twice a month will help keep curly hair in peak shape. A deep conditioner is especially recommended if you know your hair is exposed to wind, blow drying, or central indoor heating. Davines deep conditioner is full of healthy proteins and moisturizing fats. Their LOVE curl enhancing conditioner provides extraordinary moisture and suppleness to instantly transform even the driest, most brittle hair without weighing it down.

Curl Building Serum

The right curl definition should be soft, springy, and defined – not frizzy, stiff, or crunchy. . Davines curl serum gives your curls definition and body without making them dry and crunchy, even when you air dry! Unlike other hold products like mousse or serums, their curl building serum won’t make your hair sticky and tangly.

A hair serum is a silicone-based product that coats the surface of your hair, unlike hair oil that penetrates the hair cuticles and causes changes to the hair structure.

For creating defined, bouncy curls, simply apply some of their serum to damp hair prior to styling. Your hair will gain elasticity and shine while preventing frizz. Serum also provides a protective layer that guards against pollutants and humidity.

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