Tips and Tricks for Dyeing Hair at Home

Dyeing hair at home can be intimidating, to say the least, but for simpler jobs like single processes, root touch-ups, or gloss treatments, it can be tempting to save some money and tackle them yourself. If you have the time, ambition, and maybe a helping hand, here are some tips on how you can successfully dye your hair at home.

Choosing a hair dye:

When choosing a box dye you’ll have to manage your expectations and realise that your results aren’t going to be exactly what you see on the model. Your current hair colour and texture will play a part in the outcome of your dye job. For instance, if your hair is coarse, curly, or frizzy, you can expect it to absorb colour faster, and develop slightly cooler undertones. If you have fine to medium hair texture, it won’t suck up colour as easily and takes on warmer undertones such as orange or copper. Take this into consideration when choosing your dye.

For a more accurate estimate of how the colour will end up, check the chart on the top of the box, which shows you the final colour you get from a range of different shades. A good rule of thumb is to only go 2 shades lighter or darker different from your natural hair colour.

If you do break the “2 shades” rule, it could lead to disappointing (or unpredictable) results, because unlike at a salon, box dye is pre-mixed, so it’s impossible to control the volume of peroxide.

Know when you need a professional colourist

Depending on what your goals are, there are some colour jobs that are better left to the professionals. If you’re changing your colour more than two to three shades, trying lowlights, adding highlights to red or brunette hair, or have extremely damaged strands then, trust us, leave it in the hands of an experience stylist to save yourself a potentially damaging or costly mistake.

Set yourself up for success

If you want good results, then don’t break open the box and start dyeing your hair in the spur of the moment. Make sure you’re doing it when you have plenty of time and know you won’t be interrupted. Set up your surroundings so that what you need is readily available, trust us, you won’t want to start looking for extra combs or clips once your gloves are sticky from dye.

A few things that are good to have:

  • Smock or old t-shirt
  • Alligator clips
  • Glass or ceramic bowl to mix dye if you’re using a brush. (Metal bowls can oxidize hair dye.)
  • A whisk or something to quickly mix dye so you can use it when it’s most effective (within the first 10 minutes)
  • Synthetic bristle brush to apply the dye or foam paint brush to use if applying foam dye
  • Make sure you have adequate lighting, and a good mirror so you can more easily see any areas you may have missed!

    Divide hair properly before dyeing

    For even, allover coverage, properly sectioning your hair before dye application is crucial. Using large alligator clips, part your hair down the middle and divide hair into four even sections: two in the front and two in the back. Renowned colourist Aura Friedman says “Always apply the dye from back to front, that way the dye is sitting on the back of your hair the longest, which is naturally darker than the front anyway.”

    Get some help when dyeing hair at home

    Just because you’re dyeing your hair at home doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. If you have a trusted friend, try getting them to help with the back of your head. If you miss any sections under the surface or towards the back of your hair, then wearing your hair up will reveal a lot of uneven colour, grey roots, or missed selections.

    Use the best application tools

    You might not have the technique of a professional hair stylist, you should at least do your best to mimic their approach, which means using better tools. There’s a reason professional colourists don’t use squeeze bottles. Using a mixing bowl and use an applicator brush for better control over dye distribution.

    How to deal with hair dye mistakes

    If you’re less than satisfied with the results of your dye job, getting some pro highlights can help blend patchiness or cover up a lot of mistakes. If you want to fade a colour that’s too dark or bright, you can create a paste with one part shampoo, one part powder bleach from a highlighting kit. Comb the paste through wet hair and rinse out when you start to see the colour changing.

    We hope these tips help you next time you plan on dyeing your hair from home. But for those times you’d rather leave it in the hands of a pro, come pay us a visit! You can always call or book an appointment with us online.