Fall Hair Trend Alert, 2016

Fall Hair Trend Alert, 2016

Now’s the time to start getting in on all the fall hair trends for 2016. The recent Toronto Film Festival was a great opportunity to get inspired by seeing some of these hair trends in action. What you’ll appreciate most about these trends is their versatility. They’ll allow you to switch up your hair routine without making any drastic or permanent changes. You can easily go between styles or try a new look each day of the week.

If you want to know more about these trends and how you can (easily) achieve these looks at home, read on.


Simple Hair Accessories

One trend that was spotted on multiple celebrities was the comeback of simple accessories, such as clips, tiaras, and ribbons. Antique-themed hair accessories were also popular, including floral hair combs and ornate brass headbands.

Emma Stone was already coloured for the season with her auburn curls. She gave her look a more fun and youthful appearance by adding a matching headband.

Achieve this style:

You can achieve this look by rummaging through your older hair accessories, or simply tying off your braids and ponytails with a simple black ribbon. You can also incorporate warm, knitted headbands in your hairstyles. Luckily, headbands are always popular come fall and winter.

Tons of Texture

The mounds of texture found in thick braids, tousled curls, and even crimped hair is in full force this fall. Now’s the time to ditch the hair straightener and sleek buns and instead embrace movement and chunky hairstyles. If you’re looking for inspiration, think Janelle Monae; she’s the perfect example of big, voluminous hair with amplified texture.

Achieve this style: You can add more texture and volume to your hair by sleeping in braids overnight and then letting them out in the morning. You can also let your hair dry while in a bun to release tons of texture when you unpin it. If you already have curly hair, this is the season to go natural.

Get Knotty

Knots seem to be taking the place of ponytails and typical buns, even in the form of a half-up styles. Anne Hathaway was even seen sporting the half-up top knot at the Toronto Film Festival. This fall hair trend is putting emphasis on creating more texture while creating a more casual, slightly messy look.  The best thing about wearing knots is that they look carelessly stylish. Fly-away hair strands, frizz, and other imperfections are barely noticeable and just look like a part of the style.

Achieve this style: There are many forms of knots with varying levels of difficulty. The easiest way of getting in on this trend is to start by dividing your hair into two sections. Then twist them together before putting them up into a bun. This will create a multi-dimensional knotted look that looks more complex than it actually is. You can create one simply top-knot, or try out the half-up style. 

The Side Part

This is one trend that never truly goes out of style, and can be executed in varying degrees of depth. Parting your hair to one side will bring attention to your eyes and angles, such as your cheekbones. You’ll often see celebrities with dramatic red carpet hairstyles make use of the deep side-part to highlight their best features.

Whether you typically wear your hair down, in a braid, or up in a bun, you can experiment with moving your part around. This is an easy way to add some variety to your typical hair routine.

Achieve this style:  If your hair naturally falls to one side (like most), then you can try taking your part deeper. You can do this by taking your part down a few inches. Use a comb along with mousse or hairspray to help hold in a deeper part.

The best thing about these fall hair trend is that they offer multiple different ways of pulling off each look. They each hold a lot of room for your own personalization. If you want help getting your hair in peak condition this season, schedule an appointment with us today.