How to Make Fine Hair Appear Fuller

First of all, if you have fine hair don’t mourn. Fine hair is silky soft, dries quickly, and is often naturally straight with a super smooth shine. However, it’s human nature to inevitably want what we don’t have, so if you’re looking to increase the fullness of your hair, here are a bunch of tips you can use to achieve “bigger” hair:

Blow dry hair upside down

Though blow drying your own hair on a daily basis is a real chore, knowing how to do a proper blowout is one trick that will really amp up your hair volume. And luckily for you, fine hair doesn’t take long to dry! By using the force of gravity, drying at an angle or upside down helps lift your roots and increases fluffiness.

If you don’t want to blow dry, you can still periodically turn your hair upside down and gently hand comb through your hair. This will help the roots dry in a “raised” position rather than a flat one.

Go easy on hair products

There are hundreds of products out there that will claim to boost and volumize hair, but don’t assume that the more you apply the better. Fine hair gets easily weighed down by too much product, so choose one or two that you’ve found to be effective, but don’t do more than that.

This is also true with hair conditioner, which can be heavy on hair. If you have fine hair, use your conditioner on your ends and avoid the top of your head. The crown area has a much easier time staying soft without conditioner because it is regularly exposed to your natural scalp oil.

Tease your hair where it naturally parts

When done right, hair teasing gives instant, noticeably bigger hair. When done wrong, it’s just…bad and may look like you woke up with random sections of teased out hair. We suggest teasing where your hair parts, which will look more natural as well as show the most dramatic increase in hair volume. Switching up your part and make your hair fall in the opposite direction in normally would also increases fullness.

Fine hair looks fuller with layers

Might sound counter-intuitive, but adding layers creates a multidimensional look that makes hair look fuller. Let your hair stylist know that your goal is to use layers to create a thicker appearance, so they don’t reach for the thinning sheers or take too much off. When gently curled, layers are great for creating a textured and touseled look.

Curl your hair

Curling is perhaps the easiest way to add instant volume to fine hair. If you don’t think you have the time to curl your hair in the morning, spritz your hair with water and put them in medium size rollers overnight – instant volume in the morning.

Try dry shampoo

Those with fine hair might be hesitant to skip their daily hair wash, in fear that their hair will become limp under excess grease. There is a way that you can skip daily washing (which really is harder on your hair, and may lead to more oil production in the long run) by using dry shampoo in between washing.

Dry shampoo works by absorbing excess oil on your hair. It should not be treated as a replacement for washing your scalp and hair, rather just a way to soak up some excess oil if you feel that your hair really needs it.

Use extensions to create fuller hair

Though the primary function of extensions is typically to add length, they’re also unmatched in giving hair a thicker appearance. Even just one weft can add a ton of new dimension and make your hair noticeably fuller.

If you need extensions, or a hair cut add dimension and fullness to your hair, let us know! Booking an appointment with us can be done online or over the phone.