Fun Facts About Facials

By Erica Vella

Facials are an important part of maintaining a healthy looking complexion. We’ve all heard that before. But have you ever asked why? This treatment is a luxury that people often neglect because we don’t understand their purpose.

Jane Zhang, Spa Manager at P & H Salon and Spa says that skin needs to be pampered and protected at all times. “Our skin is the largest organ in our body. It protects us from the harmful invasion of foreign substances and also helps the body excrete waste.”

P & H Salon and Spa is delving deep into this important treatment with five facts about facials.

1.The first cleanse – Our face collects pollutants and toxins from the environment. The first cleanse exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells that accumulate over time.

2. Skin steam – Opens the pores and hydrates skin surface to give you added moisture.

3. Extractions – One of the more unpleasant parts of facial but worth it. It removes impurities from the skins surface and helps skin breath

4. Facial Massage – Not only does this feel good but it’s good for you. It stimulates the skins surface by increasing circulation of blood flow.

5. The Final Masque – The finishing touch. It brings oxygen and nutrients to feed the skins at the dermal level.

Once the facial is done there are tons of at home remedies you can do to maintain that healthy looking glow! Cleanse and moisturize daily. “Our skin renews every 28 days”, Zhang said. “So getting your facial done every four weeks is recommended.”

Spring time is here! So treat yourself to something you deserve. Rid your skin of dead and dry skin and freshen up that complexion.

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To help prepare you for the summer months, P & H Salon and Spa is offering a SPRING FLING SPECIAL. Come try the Hydralessence hydrating facial for only $60 with experienced spa technicians, Cassandra and Kristen.

Facial Includes:
Aromatic compress
Warm mist with 5 essential oils
Plant-based soft gel peel
Moisturizing mask with steam bath
Gentle elimination of blackheads
Relaxing massage
Double moisturizing mask
Hand treatment
Aromatic freshness awakening

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