How to Get Victoria’s Secret Hair

After this weeks 2016 Victoria Secrets Fashion Show, it’s given everyone new hair goals (or all the goals). It says a lot that even while watching gorgeous women parading in lingerie, their hair still manages capture a lot of attention (and it always does).

So what’s the secret in getting hair worthy of a Victoria’s Secret runway? You might be surprised by how simple it is to achieve their trademark blowout. All you need is the right length, volume, and waves. Here, we’ll go over the process in detail with tips from Victoria’s Secret hair stylist. 

Victoria’s Secret Hair Length

When it comes to length, there’s typically not a lot of diversity among the Victoria’s Secret Angels. They hardly ever diverge away from bra strap-length hair, in fact, Kendall Jenner’s shoulder-length hair is the shortest we’ve seen on a VS Angel in a while.

If you already have long hair, you don’t have to do this step, but if your current length falls a bit short, then you can give yourself the inches you need with extensions. Using quality extensions with real hair is best, of course, because you’ll need to heat style it later.

For the most professional looking extensions that will last longer, our extension artists can do them for you, but clip-ins are also always an option.

Victoria’s Secret Hair Volume

To amp up your hair so that it looks runway ready, you need to start with some volume-boosting mousse. Sarah Potempa, the lead stylist behind the show, suggests applying your mouse to a wide paddle brush and combing it through for a deeper, more even application. Then, flip your hair over and dry with a blow-dryer and your nozzle attachment, while combing your fingers through your strands. Do this until your hair dries about 80% of the way.

Pay attention to where your hair naturally parts when you flip your hair back over, as it’s the most flattering part for your face.

Victoria’s Secret Hair Waves

Not too curly, not too straight, sexy tousled waves are the only way Victoria Secrets Angels style their hair. The tool they use to create their waves (called the Beachwaver) was created by their lead stylist, Potempa. However, any large-barrel curling iron will get the job done.

With your curling iron in hand, you’ll want to wrap large sections of hair around the barrel and hold it away from your face at an angle. The large sections will keep your hair from getting too curly, but you’ll want to use your iron to give it a more rounded curve at the end of your strands.

To make your waves look more uniform, you’ll want to spray a nylon or boar bristle hair brush with a flexible hair spray (not one that will make hair hard and sticky) and gently brush over your waves.

Voila! You now have a super glamorous blowout, the signature hairstyle of Victoria’s Secret bombshells.

You may not have a whole glam team at home, but if you’re in Toronto, we can be a glam team for you. Book an appointment with us online or call and we can help you create the look you’re after.