Hair Extensions: Everything You Need to Know 

When it comes to long, thick, or voluminous hair, hair extensions are a modern miracle. They effectively provide years of growth in a matter of hours, instantly giving you perfect length, texture, and volume. You can match hair extensions to your existing colour or choose a new colour entirely. When done correctly, extensions are a fast, simple route to ideal hair. 

Unfortunately, hair extensions sometimes carry a negative reputation. It isn’t entirely unwarranted. Horror stories include artificial-looking extensions, visible clips, uneven lengths, laughable results and irreparable hair damage.

Luckily, it’s easy to get a positive experience. With the right product, a good stylist, and a little bit of knowledge, hair extensions will exceed your expectations.

There are Different Types of Extensions

Beauty Fashion Model Girl with Colorful Dyed Hair ExtensionsThere are three distinct types of hair extensions: clip ins, tape extensions, and keratin. Each offers unique benefits and considerations. 

Clip ins are just what they sound like: a sheaf of hair attached to a discreet clip that you simply pin into your hair. Clip in extensions come in a range of colours, lengths, and textures. They’re temporary and reusable. Clip ins are great if you want to experiment or shake up your look, and they work especially well for special events. 

Tape hair extensions are more expensive and more permanent. These extensions use a bioadhesive tape that causes the extensions to adhere to your own hair. Tape extensions are more seamless than clip ins, but they require more care. Use sulfate-free shampoo and avoid excessive perspiration. Otherwise, the adhesive will dissolve prematurely.

Keratin hair extensions are the most expensive and the most natural-looking. They appear seamless and last an exceptionally long time. In order to apply keratin extensions, stylists use a specialized technology that turns the keratin into a liquid glue, which adheres the extensions directly to hair. Once adhered, the keratin immediately reverts to a solid substance, resulting in a seamless bond between extension and hair. Keratin extensions hold up to perspiration, heat styling, water, and even chlorinated pools, making them an excellent option for active women.

Pay for a Good Salon

Don’t commit to extensions until you find a good stylist at a reputable salon. Extensions are often labor intensive, and usually require training. Do you research, ask for references, and hire a stylist who answers all of your questions. A substandard salon or an inexperienced, indifferent stylist will almost assuredly botch your hair extensions. A bad stylist could leave you with uneven, mismatched, and artificial-looking extensions, and ruined hair. 

Use Human Hair 

Human hair extensions are expensive, but they’re well worth the price. They’re the best quality, longest lasting, and most natural-looking option. Animal or synthetic hair both look unnatural by comparison, and they tend to deteriorate quickly. 

That said, consider several factors when choosing human hair extensions. Select previously untreated hair with cuticles that face one direction. Uniform cuticles prevent tangles, frizz, and breakage. This makes your extensions easier to maintain, and keeps them smooth, shiny, and healthy.

Find the Best Hair Extension Provider

Your hair extensions should come from a reputable company that sells high-quality extensions from ethical sources. We use extensions from Great Lengths Canada, who provide some of the highest quality extensions in the world. They only offer thick, smooth, healthy hair with uniform cuticles. Even better, they’re one of the only companies with staff dedicated to ethically sourcing healthy hair from happy, willing donors. Additionally, they only source hair that is conducive to extension manufacture. This means beautiful extensions that blend seamlessly with your natural hair. 

Take Care of Your Extensions

Finally, be sure to keep your hair extensions smooth, shiny and healthy. Use sulfate-free, deep moisture shampoo and conditioner. Don’t wash your extensions more than every three days. Never go to sleep with wet hair. Avoid all chemical treatments, and never bleach or otherwise attempt to lighten them. If you follow these steps, your extensions will look shiny, smooth, and natural for as long as possible.

Hair extensions are the ultimate form of self-expression. When done correctly, they look natural, flattering, and absolutely beautiful. Call us with any questions, or book an appointment today to get your extensions just in time for summer!