Get Off-The-Charts Shine with a Hair Gloss Treatment

Whether you want to boost your hair colour, tone highlights, or just get supremely soft and incredibly shiny hair, a gloss treatment could be your hair savior this season. If you’re not feeling like you need a whole new colour, but you’re hair still needs a little something then a hair gloss could be that something.

Here are 4 ways that hair gloss treatment different than a classic dye job, and why you definitely should consider getting one!

Hair gloss helps tone highlights

If your summer highlights are starting to look a little too brassy, you can use a hair gloss to help tone down the colour. You can get this done right after a hair colouring service to help lock in the colour and get the exact tone you want, or you can do it has a follow up to tone your hair.

Applying a gloss is also one of the tricks of making fresh highlights look more natural. It helps blend the colours and reduces the demarcation lines that show where a highlight starts and ends. Adding a high-gloss shine will show off all colours in their best light.

Hair gloss gives you unmatched shine

Hair gloss gives unparalleled shine to hair by closing the cuticle super tight. It’s similar to doing a vinegar rinse at home to give hair shine, except the results of a hair gloss treatment are far more nourishing and dramatic.

Hair gloss decreases the PH of hair in order to close the cuticle very tightly. The result is a very smooth surface texture that will reflect a lot more light while also reducing tangles, frizz, and have a much softer feel to it. This shine and super soft texture will last anywhere form 4-6 weeks.

Add a tint of colour

Hair glosses are a more gentle way of depositing hair colour. Tinted gloss treatments are more like a demi-permantent (midway between semi-permanent and permanent) colour that can enhance, tone, or maintain your colour. Tinted options range from brighter blond (to cancel out brassiness) and gold (to bring out warmth in your strands). There are also red and brown glosses that add warmth in darker shades of hair. However, gloss treatments only deposit colour, so you won’t get any colour-lifting effects if that’s what you’re looking for.

However, there is such a thing as colourless gloss. A clear gloss treatment can be applied for shine and conditioning only.

Gloss treatments help repair damaged hair

If your hair has taken a beating from chlorine, box bleaching, unprotected heat styling, drying shampoos or anything else, you can condition it with a gloss treatment. Free of bleach and ammonia, hair gloss is safer on hair, and often leaves hair feeling more conditioned and nourished than it was before.

Why you should try it

Gloss treatments not only give your hair amazing shine that lasts 4-6 weeks, but it is also a great conditioning tool. If your hair feels dry and lifeless, and is starting to look dull, brassy, or needs a colour booster, you should definitely consider a gloss treatment.