How to Grow Longer Hair in Less Time

New Year’s means new hair goals, and one that is often high on the list is growing longer hair. We know it can be discouraging waiting for hair to grow, so we have some tips on growing longer hair in less time, so you have a chance at reaching your goal length before 2018.

Keep Your Scalp Healthy

Most of the time we obsess over the ends of our hair without paying enough attention to where our hair actually grows from — our scalps! Maintaining a healthy scalp is essential to encouraging new and quicker hair growth.

But, what makes a healthy scalp? A healthy scalp is free from dandruff, isn’t dry or itchy, and not caked with product residue or too much sebum buildup. You can keep your scalp healthy with natural antifungal shampoos such as tea tree oil, and making sure to give yourself a full scalp massage. A massage will stimulate your roots while helping to remove built-up product and sebum.

Spread Your Natural Hair Oils

Even though you want to keep too much sebum from building up on your scalp, it’s important to try to spread your natural oils down the length of your hair. The oils produced on your scalp is a protective and nourishing for hair strands and will help them soft, strong, and resistant while trying to grow long hair.

One of the best ways of distributing sebaceous oils is by using a boar bristle hair brush and doing long strokes top down to bottom. The fact that boar hair is a similar texture to human hair makes it superior carrying and distributing oil through your strands, increasing shine and softness.

Take a Multivitamin

Whether you take a vitamin or get it through your diet, you should give your body the tools it needs to grow long hair faster and stronger. Here are some vitamins that are important for hair growth:

  • Vitamin A: Vitamin A is essential for new cell growth and sebum production.
  • Vitamin C: This antioxidant helps build collagen which is vital for strengthening hair and new hair growth.
  • Biotin: Perhaps one of more common vitamins associated with hair, biotin not only increases the thickness of hair but also helps produce more of it.
  • MSM: This is the newest supplement that everyone is raving about for nails and hair. MSM is primarily made of sulfur, which is one of the principal building blocks of hair and nails.

Get Frequent Small Trims

Getting hair trimmed is misunderstood when it comes to hair growth. The act of trimming itself doesn’t stimulate growth, but it does remove split ends. Split ends travel up the shaft and cause hair to break, resulting in shorter hair. Keeping up with your split ends with frequent, small trims can help your hair reach longer lengths while looking thick and healthy.

Reduce Heat Styling

Heat styling can really take a toll on hair texture, moisture, and strength. If you want fewer setbacks while growing out your hair, then skip the heat styling tools that cause strands to break or weaken. If you want to add curl and volume to your hair, try wearing rollers overnight when your hair is 90% dry. Your curls will not only last longer without needing any hairspray, but the rollers help retain moisture overnight.

Wear Your Hair Up

Simply wearing your hair up or keeping it bound in a braid can do wonders for growing long hair faster. Keeping your hair in a bun or braid helps retain moisture, protects it from damage caused by snags and friction from purse straps, zippers, seat belts, or back of your chair. Wearing your hair up will also prevent you from obsessing over the length, so the next time you let your hair down you might be pleasantly surprised with the results.

So, if you want to see your hair reaching longer lengths faster, use these tips. In the meantime, if you have any colouring, styling, or trim needs, book an appointment with us!