It’s fine when it’s full: a guide to hair loss

Hair is one of the ‘mane’ (no pun intended) eye-catching features of a persons looks.

“Hair is the number one factor that can determine someone’s self-esteem,” said Fabrizio Perciballi, hair stylist with P&H Salon and Spa. “It’s the very first thing people notice on someone, whether you are meeting someone for the first time or having a casual walk down the street and observing a perfect stranger… the first thing they see is your hair. ”

But what happens when your youthful locks lose the natural body you maintained through your teenage years?

There’s no denying it: with age hair becomes finer.

Perciballi says there are hereditary and non- hereditary reasons for hair loss.

“The causes of hair loss can be determined by your genetics. Hair loss is hereditary which means if it runs in your family you can also be prone to it as well, but there are other factors that are not hereditary that can result to hair loss with men and women,” said Perciballi.

We have the science behind hair loss and some tricks to help preserve your precious flow.

In most cases, hair loss and hair thinning happens because of a lack of red blood cells circulating to areas of the scalp, Perciballi says.

“Whether it is due to a certain diet or general lifestyle habits, these deficiencies can be the main cause to hair loss. The most common deficiency thought to contribute is loss of iron,” said Perciballi.


If you have noticed your once full flow becoming finer, P&H Salon and Spa has some tricks and tips for you.

Perciballi recommends a healthy diet, healthy lifestyle to start with.

Eating food that is mineral rich will help boost the strength of hair and also help with overall health. Food that has a high iron can be directly related to the increase the fullness of hair and prevent hair loss.

“Healthy lifestyle, healthy eating habits and the proper vitamin intake-specifically B and B12-combined with regular Nioxin treatments can be the key to fuller hair.”

Hair breakage is also caused by overuse of hot tools. Perciballi says in order to preserve hairs natural strength, reduce the usage of hot tools like flat irons and curling irons. Try not to use them every day.

There are many retail products that promote the growth and preservation of hair.

Some products I would recommend would be Nioxin shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments.

Nioxin is designed to treat the scalp and cleanse the scalp surface of any particle build up caused by poor climate air quality and the overly use of hair products like hair spray, gel and wax.

Nioxin shampoo and conditioner can be used every time you wash your hair, weather you wash your hair two to three times a week or daily. It also offers a number of intense scalp treatments that are recommended to be used on a monthly basis.

Hair loss can be overwhelming and P&H Salon and Spa wants to give clients a chance at the tried and true Nixon treatment.

For the month of February we are featuring the Nioxin Treatment Special.

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