Laser enlightenment

By Erica Vella

You slip into that sweet sundress after months of hibernation. “Finally!” you think to yourself… It’s time for those milky white legs to feel the glow of the warm sun. As you step into those cute wedges you’ve been dying to wear all winter, (you got them on sale last fall- Duh!) you look down at your legs and to your horror – you forgot one crucial step in getting ready this morning. You forgot to shave.

Your legs have now grown a full layer of fur. It’s not your fault! Shaving isn’t part of your normal routine anymore! You’ve become accustom to the blistering cold weather and bundling up from head to toe in what felt like the longest and coldest winter in forever.

Feeling absolutely defeated, you pull on your skinny jeans, button up your blouse, and put aside that cute sundress and those ‘to-die-for’ shoes… you’ll have to save them for another day.

Sounds familiar?

Summer is fast approaching and with beach season around the corner, we want to bare our bodies confidently for that bikini and shorts weather.

But shaving can takes up so much time and waxing leaves us with the awkward ‘in between’ days where you just have to let the hair grow… Sometimes it’s not an option. You have an important function coming up and there is no way you can attend with stubbly legs.

If you’re not a fan of shaving everyday and you don’t have the patience to wax, P&H Salon and Spa has another method you may want to consider: Laser hair removal.

Let’s break down the treatment:

“Laser hair removal is the process of removing unwanted hair by exposure to pulse of laser light,” says Jane Zhang, Spa manager of P & H Salon and Spa.

With laser, there is no need to worry about pesky hair growth. It leaves skin smooth without irritation.

“At P & H Salon and Spa, we use the popular Soprano XL laser machine,” Zhang said.

“It comes with a really neat feature. Most laser systems come with a cooling feature. The Soprano’s cooling component comes from a sapphire Dual-Chill tip which helps preserve the epidermis”.

Shaving vs. waxing vs. laser?

So, now we know… but really, what’s the difference?

Zhang says there are many bonuses to laser hair removal that we don’t see with waxing or shaving.

“Shaving really depends on your body growth. With some people, shaving has to be preformed once a days. It’s inconvenient and causes some irritations and ingrown hairs,” Zhang said.

“Although waxing is a great way for hair removal, it can be hard for clients during summer time because it can only be done when the hair grows to a certain length.”

“With laser, I’ve seen many success stories,” Zhang said.

“Clients notice a difference after one session… and after six to eight sessions of laser hair removal, you can notice hair reduction up to 90 per cent,” said Zhang.

“Skin is now smooth, no need to worry about the hair growth, ingrown hairs and irritations.”

So pull out your summer gear without fear because no one should settle for stubble during Summer. Laser hair removal may be the new next best thing.

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