How Lash Extensions Can be Your Game Changer

Imagine being able to wake up, one step closer to looking glamorous and ready to face the day? Well, those with lash extensions are already living that dream. Since the eyes are always the focal point of any makeup routine, lash extensions have been a real game changer for those who have them. If you’ve entertained the idea of getting lash extensions, but aren’t sure if you should take the plunge, here’s everything you need to know about them and how they compare to false lashes.


Depending on the kind of false lashes, there can be a pretty distinct difference between extensions and false lashes. False lashes are often sold in strips, but can also be bought in smaller clusters. They come in many styles from thick fringes, to long and thin “doll-like” lashes. Because of the material of false lashes, they often feel a bit “heavy,” and in some cases interfere with the natural movement of the eye.

Extensions, on the other hand, have a more natural appearance, as they are applied individually to each existing eyelash. They’re made to look and feel the same as your own lashes, making them feather light and authentic in appearance. Extensions are exactly what they sound like, an extension of your natural lashes, but give them enviable length, volume, and curl.


The application of extensions and false lashes are drastically different. Falsies are purchased on their own, and either come with an adhesive already on the strip, or a glue and applicator. It’s up to you to then apply your false lashes using a steady hand. You’ll want to make sure you have them strongly attached and don’t wear them longer than a day, because the horror of having an eyelash malfunction in public is a real thing that you want to avoid at all costs.

Extensions are applied by a professional, and the process usually takes 2 hours but last through a whole growth cycle, which is typically 6 to 8 weeks. Once they’re applied, you can enjoy waking up to long, natural looking lashes each morning without having to reapply them. You’ll never have to worry about them “falling off” as extensions will only shed the way a natural eyelash occasionally sheds.


False lashes are suppose to be removed each night to avoid dirt or bacteria from accumulating around the eye, which can make upkeep time consuming if you wear false lashes every day. To avoid tearing out your natural eyelashes (which can be a problem when taking them off) you can gently rub the base of them with makeup remover or oil and a q-tip. Falsh lashes are not meant to be worn in the shower, and depending on their material, they may need to be dried and re-curled if exposed to water (as is the case with mink or pony hair lashes).

Upkeep for lash extensions includes getting refills as your lashes shed, and avoiding oil-based products around your eyes. Also, generally being more gentle with your eyes while in the shower or sleeping will help them last longer.


The cost of false lashes can vary depending on the quality and material of the lashes. When you compare the price of continuing to buy good quality false lashes with the price of lash extensions, extensions make more sense if you plan on making them a part of your everyday routine.

The cost of our lash extensions start at $120, with refills costing $50. With proper upkeep and maintenance, you can extend the life of your extensions.

We hope this cleared up any questions you may have had about lash extensions. If you’d like to have lash extensions or any of our other services, book an appointment with us today.