Love Your Lashes

Gorgeous, thick eyelashes. The kind that define you. The kind that people can’t help but notice. The kind you have always dreamed of having. Well, now you can.

Enhancing your lashes has never been easier, more natural looking or comfortable. You can now take your lashes from drab to dramatic in a few different ways.

Eyelash ExtensionsA lash lift literally lifts up your own lashes from the roots, increasing the curl and making them appear much longer. Lasting up to two months, this procedure takes less than an hour and ensures beautiful, long lashes, with or without mascara.

Eyelash extensions offer even fuller lashes by building on what you already have. Offered in various lengths, eyelash extensions allow you to choose just how dramatic you want your lashes to be.

And if bold lashes that pop are your choice, consider 3D eyelash extensions. With three individual mink eyelashes, carefully applied to each lash, 3D eyelash extensions are the boldest in appearance, while still remaining lightweight and comfortable. Like regular extensions, the initial application takes about two hours, and lashes can be maintained with refills every four to six weeks.

This month, get the eyelashes you’ve always wanted at P&H Salon and Spa and enjoy a complimentary eyebrow shaping with any full set of 3D or regular eyelash extensions. Stop dreaming and call 416.901.6395, to make beautiful, full eyelashes your reality.