Secrets to Making Your Eyes “Pop”

Everyone has their “must have” makeup product for different reasons, but ask a woman the one makeup product she would choose if she could only have one, and there’s a 50% chance she’ll say mascara. The reason seems obvious enough: eyes are the focal point of a face, and much of our physical allure, charm, and pure expression comes from our gaze

Having captivating eyes are an instant confidence booster, and we all want to know every trick in the book for making our eyes look their best. Here are our tips for making your eyes “pop”:

Emphasize your upper eyelid

Encircling your entire eye in the same colour liner can create a “closed in” look rather than bright and open. For liner that really makes your eyes look bigger, emphasise the upper eyelid with a darker, thicker line, and use a lighter and more subtle liner on the bottom.

When applying liner to your top eyelid, straight and symmetrical lines are a must. Though liquid liner is wonderfully smudge-proof and gives dramatic effects, it takes a skilled and steady hand to apply evenly. For a pro appearance, you can first draw on your top lid with a cream or pencil, then do liquid on top. The bottom layer should blend in any inconsistencies with your liquid liner.

Use white eyeliner to make your eyes bigger

At first, white eyeliner can seem…well, kinda pointless, but when used correctly they effectively highlight your eyes, giving them a larger appearance.

The most common way of using a white liner is to apply it to the inner rim of your lower lid before applying your darker liner. A white liner combined with some mascara on your lower lashes will really make your eyes “pop.” You can increase the effect of wide-set “doe eyes” by highlighting the inner corner of where your eyelids come together.

Lash extensions make your eyes pop instantly

More than anything else, having long, full lashes are what give eyes a “wow” factor. While mascara manufacturers pull all the stops to make their products lengthen, plump, curl, and thicken lashes, there now exists better and longer lasting alternatives (we’re talking about lash extensions).

Smudges and losing random eyelashes due to hardened mascara is a thing of the past once you invest in lash extensions. Each morning you can wake up with long, luxurious, lashes that feel as natural as they look. No glue, no fake “fringe” look, and completely effortless. Yes, it’s as addictive as it sounds.

Use your eyebrows to make your eyes appear larger

Eyebrows are one of the most prominent features of a person’s face (much more than many realize). People pay a lot of attention to brows due to their importance in creating facial expressions – it’s part of our instincts to notice a person’s eyebrows!

You can think of your eyebrows as the archways that draw attention to your eyes, and they can make or break your whole look. If you’re clueless when it comes to brows, you can learn a lot by having them done a few times professionally. However, at the minimum, you should define your shape and fill in any areas with a pencil slightly lighter than your natural colour. Here are some other pointers:

  • Align the head of your brow with your nostrils
  • brush up your eyebrows and trim the excess (where they go past the brow line) with nail scissors
  • Use a brow wax to keep unruly hairs in place
  • When using a pencil, use short, hair-like strokes for a more natural appearance

Remember when plucking brows – always shape and pluck from underneath. Though lower brows can create a sultry look, high, well-shaped arches will make your eyes look bigger.

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