What is Flamboyage?

what is flamboyage

Flamboyage is one of the latest hair colouring technique for those who want a truly blended, natural looking highlights. This technique was created by Davines very own Angelo Seminara, who put it well when he said that it looks like “highlights created by nature.”

You may have heard that Flamboyage is a “combination of ombre and balayage” but that isn’t accurate. Flamboyage is an entirely new colouring service that uses a unique application tool, also developed by Angelo Seminara. Flamboyage is not hand-painted onto strands like Balayage, and whether it is ombre or not depends entirely on how you want your stylist to apply the technique.
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How to Give Yourself a Gel Manicure at Home

home gel manicure

Gel manicures are super glossy, smooth, and last forever. What’s not to love? Well, not everyone is a great candidate for shellac or gel manicures. If your nails tend to be thin, brittle, or your cuticles are sore or cut, then they may not be able to handle a gel treatment, or the acetone soaks required to remove them.

But, since the gel craze began, many nail products have come out claiming to give gel-like effects at home, without UV curing or acetone soaks. Though there are some good gel-like polishes out there, what really matters is taking your time to do each step properly. Here’s how to give yourself a home gel manicure:
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How to Make Fine Hair Appear Fuller

fine hair

First of all, if you have fine hair don’t mourn. Fine hair is silky soft, dries quickly, and is often naturally straight with a super smooth shine. However, it’s human nature to inevitably want what we don’t have, so if you’re looking to increase the fullness of your hair, here are a bunch of tips you can use to achieve “bigger” hair:

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5 Davines Ingredients That Will Make a Difference for Your Hair

davines ingredients

The best hair starts in the shower with a good shampoo and conditioner. The products you use have a lot to do with your hair’s texture, shine, manageability, and overall health. We love Davines’ focus on powerful, plant-derived ingredients, and wanted to highlight five key ingredients in some of their most popular products. Here are 5 Davines’ ingredients that will make a difference for your hair:
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How Facials Benefit Your Skin

benefit from a facial

How a facial benefits your skin is an understandable question. After all, with all the skincare products available, you might wonder what you can get from a facial that you can’t do for yourself. Here, we’ll let you know what benefits you can expect from a facial with an esthetician that are hard to get on your own.

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Trend Alert: Hair Colour Trends for 2017

hair colour trends

If it’s been awhile since you’ve shaken up your hair colour, this is the year to try something new and off the spectrum of natural hair colours, or on the extreme ends of the spectrum (platinum or ebony). Whether your hair is in need of a refresher, or you want to turn your hair into a colourful accessory this summer, here are some of the most popular hair colour trends for 2017: Read More

4 Tricks for Protecting Hair from Sun Damage

hair sun protection

When protecting your skin from the sun, don’t forget to protect your hair too! After all, hair follicles are skin cells too, just with a specialized role. How you care for your hair (and scalp) during the summer sun will affect your hair’s colour, texture, and even its growth rate! With so much at stake for your hair, take care to provide hair sun protection, just like you would with the rest of your body. Read More

6 Frizz-Free Air Drying Tips

If your current approach to hair styling is to tame it into submission, you might be surprised to find what your hairs potential is when left alone. Even the thickest, unruliest hair can benefit from an air-drying, as long as you perfect these techniques.

Though air drying has numerous perks (low maintenance, saves time, and more gentle on hair), there are some important rules to follow to get great, frizz-free results. If air drying has left you with puffy, clumpy, or mixed textured sections of hair, chances are you’re making at least one of these mistakes.

These air drying tips will help you achieve more defined texture and wonderfully soft hair without reaching for a towel, straightener, or blow dryer. Read More

How Davines Products Help Manage Curly Hair

Appropriately named, Davines LOVE Curl line proves that the best way of dealing with curly hair is to give it the loving care it needs. Their line of curly hair products use high-quality ingredients that deeply penetrate the strands, helping your hair retain moisture and elasticity. If you’ve been looking for the answer to your curly hair problems, or just want something that enhances your natural shine, definition, and texture, here are some products we’ve found to bring out the best in curly hair. Read More

davines products

At P&H Salon, we want the products we carry to align with our own beliefs and values. After trying numerous brands, we’ve found Davines line to be the level of quality we strive for in our salon, as well as the best representation of our beliefs on beauty, sustainability, and diversity. We’re excited to be transitioning into carrying and using Davines products exclusively and want to share why we’re so enthusiastic about their brand.

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