Repair Your Hair with an Olaplex Treatment

You may have heard of Olaplex with little understanding of what it actually does and when it should be used. There are numerous deep conditioning and strengthening treatments out there, but Olaplex is unique in that it actually repairs damaged bonds in your hair.

The science behind how Olaplex works by allowing the two ends of bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate form bonds with the sulfurs, making an artificial, extended bridge in your hairs structure. Sounds complicated, but it’s really just bridging together bonds in protein that were previously damaged.

This makes it a highly desired product that can be used to fix a myriad of hair issues. Here we’ll go over how Olaplex works and what its ideal for:

Olaplex is a must for those who lighten their hair

Lightening hair means pulling out the pigment with a bleach, and it’s not the best for the health and condition of hair. If not done by a professional in the right way with the right products, it can damage your hair quality and structure, drastically

If your hairs journey includes lightening treatments like dip dyed ends, balayage, or bleaching as a foundation for other colours, you may need to restore some of your hair’s strength and texture.

Olaplex solves many of these problems. It is time when fussing over your hair breakage and searching for products to repair your tresses, need to come to an end. Olaplex is the key to keep your hair healthy and shiny. By using it you can also stop your hair colour from fading quicker.

olaplex treatment

Helps rebuild texlax or relaxed hair

Olaplex is a great supplement if you’re in the process of texlaxing or relaxing your hair, or you have previously undergone those treatments. Chemical treatments used to alter the texture of hair leaves it dry, brittle, lusterless, and prone to breakage.

Olaplex can help relaxed hair bounce back, and regain the strength and softness it lost during the process. What’s amazing about this single active ingredient formula is that it reconnects the hair’s disulfide bonds. The result? Hair that feels, smooth, silky and significantly less prone to breakage.

Can be used in conjunction with keratin treatments

A keratin treatment is another kind of straightening treatment that has gained a lot of popularity. In addition to straightening, it also helps fill porous hair with keratin, making it stronger and less frizzy.

You can maximize the effects of your keratin treatment by combining it with Olaplex. Olaplex can be used as a pre-treatment, and no, it won’t block the keratin treatment from working.

Anyone who wants to repair damaged or brittle hair should consider an Olaplex treatment. Exposure to lye, heat styling, sunlight, hair styling and chemical treatments like hair colouring will also break disulfide bonds and lead to weakened, damaged hair. Unlike serums, shampoos, or other products that claim to mend split ends or repair hair, Olaplex actually does.

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