Paraffin Treatments: The Secret Weapon Against Dry, Cracked Skin

Spring is fast approaching and summer is on the horizon, and so are warm weather activities like swimming, hiking, and gardening – and with them, dry skin. Outdoor activities take severe tolls on your hands and feet. Before you know it you’re stuck with weathered, cracked skin and scuffed nails. 

Fortunately, there’s a simple and highly effective solution: paraffin treatments. 

What, exactly, is paraffin? 

Paraffin TreatmentsParaffin is a soft, petroleum-derived mineral wax with a comfortably low melting point. The temperature at which is melts is just warm enough to create wonderful, comforting relaxation sensation. It’s so relaxing, in fact, that paraffin is frequently used in massages and physical therapy. The wax is an effective, FDA-approved emollient that locks in moisture and smooths and softens skin.

Paraffin treatments are exceedingly simple – so simple, in fact, that you can do it at home (not that you should discount the expertise, care, and sheer luxury you’ll receive from a full salon paraffin treatment). 

Due to its versatility and effectiveness, paraffin is a popular component of several treatments, including everything from manicures to therapy for chronic illnesses. Many paraffin treatments are available in over the counter kits. Additionally, the majority of beauty salons offer professional paraffin services. 

1. Manicures

Paraffin is a popular component of manicures. The warm wax softens your skin, opens your pores to allow the moisturizing oils through, makes your skin soft and pliable, and relaxes your muscles – all of which prepare you for your manicure. It’s especially effective for those who suffer from exceedingly dry and cracked hands. 

2. Pedicures 

Paraffin offers the same benefits for pedicures as they do for manicures, including dramatically softened skin and relaxed feet (which goes a very long way toward eliminating the kind of tension that leads to tickling sensations and other discomforts), which result in an overall improved experience. Paraffin is a particularly good option if you have cracked, rough feet.

3. Massages 

Warm paraffin swiftly eases tense muscles and imbues skin with the essential oils and minerals found in the wax. Paraffin massages offer exceptional relaxation and comfort, which helps ensure an effective massage with long-term benefits.

4. Facials 

Given its deep moisturizing and relaxation properties, it’s no surprise that paraffin is a valuable component of many facial treatments. After cleansing your skin and using a pre-moisturizing agent, your aesthetician will apply paraffin to your face. The specialist will leave the wax on your face for about fifteen minutes. This gives the paraffin time to open your pores and infuse your skin with minerals and moisture. In very short order, you’re left with incredibly soft, bright skin that lasts weeks.

5. Therapeutic Uses 

Paraffin is used in many physical therapy treatment plans. It provides effective, long-lasting relief from conditions as diverse as sports injuries and arthritis. If you have pain related to muscular issues in your hands or feet, paraffin wax manicures and pedicures are an especially nice treat. 

Paraffin is an effective, soothing beauty treatment for your face, skin, nails, hands, and feet. This month, we’re running a great special for this unique service. Receive a complimentary Paraffin Treatment with any Shellac Manicure. Book your appointment today to take advantage of this monthly special, and you’ll see for yourself how effective these luxurious treatments can be.