Pedicure Party

It may not feel like it just yet, but spring is here and P & H Salon and Spa wants to get you ready for the warmer weather.

Unwrap your feet from those bulky boots and let your toes see the light of day so they are ready for those cute peep toes you’ve been dying to wear.

Trends? Get rid of the dark toe polish and try something with a pop of colour. OPI has a new set of spring colours in their Hawaii series. Pastel orange, pink and a funky purple, these new colours can bring a little cheer to any outfit.

We suggest a pedicure with an added paraffin treatment.

What is paraffin? We’re glad you asked – it’s a warm wax treatment that stimulates blood flow to the feet, while intensely hydrating skin – a perfect way to treat those feet will a little TLC.

A tip for gentlemen: Pedicures are not women territory only. Try it for yourself. Clean up those cuticles and massage those calves. You’ll be surprised how a little love to your feet will make you feel great.

So, get summer ready and sweeten up those toes – go on, you deserve it.