4 Tricks for Protecting Hair from Sun Damage

When protecting your skin from the sun, don’t forget to protect your hair too! After all, hair follicles are skin cells too, just with a specialized role. How you care for your hair (and scalp) during the summer sun will affect your hair’s colour, texture, and even its growth rate! With so much at stake for your hair, take care to provide hair sun protection, just like you would with the rest of your body.

Here are four easy tips you can use to keep your hair and scalp safe from sun damage:

Accessorize with a hat or headscarf

Accessorizing is low-maintenance and fashionable. If you’re short on time and know you won’t be able to evenly apply protective serums, sprays, or oils, a wide-brimmed sunhat or headscarf takes only moments to put on. Head accessories are also a good alternative if you don’t like to coat your hair with a lot of product, and they provide the greatest barrier between your head and the sun.

When choosing what to put on your head, choose a material that will be gentle on hair and not cause a lot of friction. A staw-woven hat may snag hair when taken off, so get one that is lined or opt for one of a softer material. When it comes to head scarfs, silk or satin is best for moisture retention as well as not causing any frizz.

Leave-In conditioner for hair sun protection

If you know you’re going to be spending a lot of time under the blazing heat, like an outdoor concert, wedding, or sporting event, a leave-in moisturizer will help. They provide a protective layer that the sun has to penetrate through before getting to your hair, it also helps lock in moisture under intense sunlight.

Put sunscreen on your hair

Yes, sunblocking your hair is a thing, but don’t worry, it’s nothing like slathering on chalky or sticky sunscreen. There are quite a few SPF mists that you can find for hair, or an SPF mask like this one by Ojon. Many SPF hair prays also moisturize and provide shine, just remember to reapply every couple hours spent in the sun – it’ll keep your hair from becoming dry and brittle, and your colour from fading.

Some natural oils have a decent SPF score and can be used in a pinch. Carrot seed oil and raspberry seed oil have a natural SPF of up to 40! Macadamia nut oil and coconut oils are also popular for hair, but their SPF is lower at around 6. So, if you love the sheen of natural oils for your hair, go with a kind that has an SPF during summer.

Protect your part with an SPF spray

If you’ve ever had a scalp burn, you know they aren’t fun, but it can be tricky applying a sunscreen to exposed areas of your scalp. As mentioned before, an SPF hair spray, like Aveda’s sun care protective hair veil, make it a lot easier to get closer to your scalp without applying any gunk.

If you don’t have an SPF pray on hand, you can mix your sunscreen (about a tablespoon) with water and spray it near your scalp – voila, instant scalp coverage! While you’re at it, doesn’t hurt to spray your ears and the back of your neck too.

We’ve gone over a few ways you can protect your hair and scalp from sun, and most of them require little work or preparation. Remember these tips and don’t let summer fun come between you and good hair.

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