10 Simple At-Home Tips for Red Carpet Hair

Nothing boosts confidence and self-assurance like a head of beautiful hair. Whether you’re dressing for professional success or heading out for a casual beach day, soft, healthy, radiant hair makes you feel ready to conquer the world.

While salons and professional hairstylists are the traditional route for perfect hair, many of us don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to frequent salon sessions.

Fortunately, there are plenty of at-home tips to maintain and repair your hair. From home-made conditioning masks to heat protectant sprays, from frizz-reducing styling tools to single-ingredient moisturizers, it’s easy to achieve red carpet-caliber hair on a daily basis.

1. Use a Wooden Wide-Tooth Comb on Wet Hair

girl with beautiful, healthy hairWet hair is considerably more brittle and fragile than dry hair, and is thus much more prone to breakage. Normal brushes damage wet hair by pulling, stretching, and ultimately snapping hair. This leaves flyaways, frizz, and other forms of damage. Slick plastic combs can cause excessive tangling and wrapping, which also breaks hair. Avoid these issues by detangling your hair with a wooden wide-tooth comb. This reduces the risk of tangling, stretching, and breakage, and still brushes your hair to an enviable shine.

2. Condition Often

Conditioning is the most important step you can take to keep your hair silky, shiny, and soft. Frequency of conditioning varies depending on your hair type. After all, fine, oily hair needs less conditioning than dry, curly hair. Whatever your hair type, regular conditioning is vital. High quality conditioners nourish and soften your hair from root to tip, imparting necessary nutrients.

3. Wash Your Hair as Little as Possible

Most shampoos contain harsh detergents that strip your hair of essential oils. While hair definitely needs regular cleansing, it doesn’t need daily cleansing. Wash your hair every second or third day. This preserves your hair by reducing long term damage.

4. Rinse With Cold Water

Hot water is harsh on hair, and can even negate the benefits of conditioners. By contrast, rinsing in cold water seals in conditioners, resulting in shinier, softer hair.

5. Make Your Own Hair Masks

Natural conditioners like coconut oil, avocado oil, mayonnaise, and egg whites provide effective restorative and deep conditioning benefits. Homemade hair masks are simple, easy to make, and entirely natural, which removes the threat of potentially damaging chemicals. Homemade masks prevent damage, repair existing damage, and infuse your hair with vitamins, oils, and other nutrients to bring out unparalleled shine and softness.

6. Go Heat-Free

Heat styling tools are notoriously damaging to all hair types. Regular use results in brittle, dry, and fragile hair. Fortunately, there are hundreds of simple styles that result in everything from tight, bouncy curls to sleek curtains of hair.

If you absolutely must use heat styling tools, keep it to a minimum. Never use them on a daily basis. Use heat protectant serum to seal your cuticles, and condition religiously.

7. Trim Your Hair Regularly

Regular, at-home trims remove dry, damaged ends that weigh your hair down. This also helps your hair grow out effectively. Put your hair in a high ponytail. If you have layers, separate the different lengths into their own ponytails. Trim approximately 1/4 inch off the bottom of each section. This leaves your hair uniformly sleek and shiny, without any dry or split ends.

8. Never Go for a Shampoo that Isn’t Sulfate-Free

Use a sulfate free shampoo that’s packed with natural ingredients. Sulfates and other chemicals damage your hair by stripping oils. Sulfate free shampoos preserve your hair’s health while cleansing thoroughly and gently. Sulfate-free shampoos also preserve coloured hair and dramatically extend the life of dyes.

9. Eat a Healthy Diet

Hydrated, nutrient-rich hair is shiny, voluminous, and healthy. Healthy hair begins with what you put in your body. Drink healthy amounts of water on a daily basis, eat a diet heavy with vegetables and fruits, and you’ll see the results. Expect shinier, softer, overall healthier growth.

10. Honey

Honey has experienced a bit of a revival when it comes to hair care, and for good reason. Honey provides numerous benefits: it smooths hair and reduces frizz. Regular use results in bouncy, shiny hair. Even better, honey seals the cuticle, providing vital protection from heat styling, hair colouring, shampoos, and much more. Honey’s protective properties effectively eliminate frizz, flyaways, and dull hair.

Use these strategies to maintain glamorous hair between salon appointments by ensuring your hair is loaded with nutrients, oils, antioxidants, and luxurious moisture that leave you with gorgeous hair every day of the week.

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