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P & H Salon and Spa is giving you the inside scoop on the season’s latest trends with a chance to look into Wella’s 2014 international Trendvision Awards competition at OMC Hairworld in Frankfurt, Germany.

P & H had their very own Fay Linksman compete in the prestigious event. She says participating in Trendvision was a life-changing experience.

“All I have to say is wow… Everything was larger than life. All of the major manufacturers were present and pulled out all of the stops for the show. The stage was huge. There was a suspended catwalk bridge and everything. Meeting all of the other competitors from all over the world was really amazing, too.”

Linksman competed against international stylists of expert levels and says despite it being a competition, there was camaraderie between all competitors.

“We had all made it to the top this year and had the privilege of representing our countries on an international stage.  To be in the same room as all of these talented artists was inspiring and energizing.  You could literally feel the electricity in the air,” Linksman said.

So what is there to see at this global hair spectacle? It’s just as you can imagine. Hair in its trendiest forms.

Linksman says short styles with precision cutting and contrasting textures were the sought-after style.

“[There was] a lot of bold graphic colours.  It stands out to me because it creates a parallel of classic styling a la Vidal Sassoon, remixed with different influences of art, design, architecture and textile,” Linksman said. 

“When we started out, we were surrounded by a room of blonde models, literally almost every one… It was neat when you looked around three hours later, and there were hardly any blondes left, but a sea of all the colours of the rainbow, from bold to pastel.”

These extreme colours and styles may not be easily transferable to every day wear, but Linksman says there is a way to incorporate the cutting-edge look.

“We’re seeing a lot of pops of colour mixed in with natural hair, and a lot of pastel pinks and lavenders with a stonewashed feel this season.  Silver and grey hair was everywhere as well, and a lot of platinum blonde shorter hairstyles,” she said.

“I was definitely influenced by the soft pastel colour movement, and wanted to  play with platinum white and silver mixed with pastel pink, lavender and teal.”

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Fay Linksman Trendvision P and H Salon

Fay Linksman Trendvision P and H Salon

Photos courtesy Fay Linksman.