The Best Products for Adding Volume to Hair

volume boosting products

If you’re after better hair days, we have some products that will give you a real boost – literally.

We previously wrote an article on tips for adding volume to fine hair, but one thing we didn’t cover was the best volumizing products for fine hair. Before trying those tips, you want to get your hair off to the best start with a good volume boost right out of the shower.

Here are some of the best volume boosting products by Davines that will give you natural looking volume to your hair:
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What is Flamboyage?

what is flamboyage

Flamboyage is one of the latest hair colouring technique for those who want a truly blended, natural looking highlights. This technique was created by Davines very own Angelo Seminara, who put it well when he said that it looks like “highlights created by nature.”

You may have heard that Flamboyage is a “combination of ombre and balayage” but that isn’t accurate. Flamboyage is an entirely new colouring service that uses a unique application tool, also developed by Angelo Seminara. Flamboyage is not hand-painted onto strands like Balayage, and whether it is ombre or not depends entirely on how you want your stylist to apply the technique.
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5 Davines Ingredients That Will Make a Difference for Your Hair

davines ingredients

The best hair starts in the shower with a good shampoo and conditioner. The products you use have a lot to do with your hair’s texture, shine, manageability, and overall health. We love Davines’ focus on powerful, plant-derived ingredients, and wanted to highlight five key ingredients in some of their most popular products. Here are 5 Davines’ ingredients that will make a difference for your hair:
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How Davines Products Help Manage Curly Hair

Appropriately named, Davines LOVE Curl line proves that the best way of dealing with curly hair is to give it the loving care it needs. Their line of curly hair products use high-quality ingredients that deeply penetrate the strands, helping your hair retain moisture and elasticity. If you’ve been looking for the answer to your curly hair problems, or just want something that enhances your natural shine, definition, and texture, here are some products we’ve found to bring out the best in curly hair. Read More

davines products

At P&H Salon, we want the products we carry to align with our own beliefs and values. After trying numerous brands, we’ve found Davines line to be the level of quality we strive for in our salon, as well as the best representation of our beliefs on beauty, sustainability, and diversity. We’re excited to be transitioning into carrying and using Davines products exclusively and want to share why we’re so enthusiastic about their brand.

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Introducing Davines Products

P & H is proud to represent Davines hair care products. Since the beginning, they’ve focused on crafting high-end, quality products, that are scientifically engineered to work.

These products express our distinctive style and spirit, which coincides with our perspective on sustainable beauty.

Like Davines, we believe that beauty can save the world. We encourage people to take care of themselves, the environment and the things in which they love. Davines is exclusive to P & H and is so much more than a brand, it’s a lifestyle.

For more information, visit us in store or check out Davines’ website.