davines products

At P&H Salon, we want the products we carry to align with our own beliefs and values. After trying numerous brands, we’ve found Davines line to be the level of quality we strive for in our salon, as well as the best representation of our beliefs on beauty, sustainability, and diversity. We’re excited to be transitioning into carrying and using Davines products exclusively and want to share why we’re so enthusiastic about their brand.

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Blonde and beautiful

Going blonde can be a challenge – especially when you’ve been using that black box dye for – like – ever!

Hollywood’s hottest celebrities have been sporting faded ends famously known as the ‘ombre’ look. So how do you get those lightened locks without damaging your hair? Our stylists say the trick is to take it slow.

“Going blonde is possible but you have to do it right,” said award-winning stylist Fabrizio Perciballi.

What’s the ‘right way’ to go blonde? Well – the ‘right way’ isn’t always the easy way – Our stylists suggest approaching the lightening process in stages. “We’ll get clients on the path to their ideal result but it can often take more than one visit,” Perciballi said.

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Introducing Davines Products

P & H is proud to represent Davines hair care products. Since the beginning, they’ve focused on crafting high-end, quality products, that are scientifically engineered to work.

These products express our distinctive style and spirit, which coincides with our perspective on sustainable beauty.

Like Davines, we believe that beauty can save the world. We encourage people to take care of themselves, the environment and the things in which they love. Davines is exclusive to P & H and is so much more than a brand, it’s a lifestyle.

For more information, visit us in store or check out Davines’ website.