6 Frizz-Free Air Drying Tips

If your current approach to hair styling is to tame it into submission, you might be surprised to find what your hairs potential is when left alone. Even the thickest, unruliest hair can benefit from an air-drying, as long as you perfect these techniques.

Though air drying has numerous perks (low maintenance, saves time, and more gentle on hair), there are some important rules to follow to get great, frizz-free results. If air drying has left you with puffy, clumpy, or mixed textured sections of hair, chances are you’re making at least one of these mistakes.

These air drying tips will help you achieve more defined texture and wonderfully soft hair without reaching for a towel, straightener, or blow dryer. Read More

Avoid These 7 Hair Care Mistakes

Ever wonder what hair care mistakes you could be making that are keeping your hair from looking its best? Bad hair habits can happen to the best of us, and chances are one of these habits have snuck into your routine at some point. Here’s a list of some of the most common hair care mistakes, and the better alternative for your hair. Your hair will thank you!

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