The 411 on Eyelashes Extensions


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By Erica Vella

Thick, long eyelashes never go out of style and P & H Salon and Spa has all the tips and tricks you need to know about this seasons hottest beauty trend: Eyelash Extensions!

Gone are the days of clumpy mascaras, messy adhesives and unnatural store-bought lashes.

Jane Zhang, experienced spa manager at P&H Salon and Spa has been specializing in eyelash extension application for over three years. She says lash extensions emphasize the natural beauty of your eyes.

“Often, store-bought eyelashes come in a big piece that you glue on to your eyelids. They can look fake and if you are using them for a special event and the glue isn’t secure…well, you know what can happen,” Zhang said.

Eyelash extensions are individual, lightweight lashes that extend off the existing eyelash and can last up to six weeks and require very little maintenance.

“We have different lengths and curls of eyelashes that meets your needs, they can be as natural as your own eyelash length or we can double the lengths if you prefer. There are many lengths to choose from and your technician will be able to tell you what is the best for you,” said Zhang.

Once eyes have been thoroughly cleaned, a spa technician will place cool collagen pads are placed on the lower lid. The technician will then apply individual eyelashes with glue on to the natural eyelash, one by one till the eyelashes are full.

Eyelash extension application can take up to and hour and a half depending on the fullness you would like to achieve.

Although the process can be a lengthy one, the payoff is worth it. Eyelash extensions can cut down make up application in half.

“Long eyelashes can be made to be glamorous and you can say goodbye to your mascara. It makes your everyday life much easier,” Zhang said.

There are a few tips Zhang recommends to ensure the extensions last.

It’s important to avoid contact with oily moisturizers and eye cream and use a water-based make up remover, Zhang said. “Remember eyelash glue doesn’t like greasiness.”

Perfect for everyone, eyelash extensions are low maintenance way to add a little sparkle to your eyes.

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For the month of January, a FULL SET of eyelash extensions are available for only $80.
*A full set of eyelash extensions retail for $120 and a fill is $50 and up*

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