The Best Skin Care Ingredients You Should Know About

If you’ve ever checked the ingredients of your favorite skin cream or face wash, then you may be familiar with how easy it is to get overwhelmed. Because there are so many additional ingredients, it can be difficult to pinpoint which ones are actually making the big difference for your skin.

If you want to more effectively treat your skin issues, it’s time to get to know the most powerful and effective ingredients.  You’ll save yourself a lot of time (and money) by knowing these ingredients instead of the trial-and-error of trying many different products.

Here are some common skin issues and the skin care ingredients that offer the most effective treatment:


Whether it’s from too much sun, broken capillaries, or inflammation from diet,there are a couple key ingredients that’ll cool your skin and quickly banish redness. 

Dermatologists often recommend Aloe vera for the soothing effect it has on red and irritated skin. The great thing about aloe vera is that it has additional benefits, such as being hydrating and great for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

You may have noticed that many products are now using caffeine, and for good reason. Caffeine, when applied topically, is also effective at temporarily shrinking red blood vessels, which  temporarily reduces the appearance of flushed skin.

Uneven Texture

Rough, uneven texture is a huge complexion killer, but being too harsh with exfoliants can cause even more problems. For soft and smooth skin, you’ll want gentle exfoliation combined with ingredients that repair and soften the skin. Here at P&H salon, our natural herbal skin peels combine the best of gentle exfoliation, and rejuvenating herbs that make skin feel supremely soft.  

Another gentle exfoliator that will give your skin an even texture is oatmeal. Oatmeal is great for sensitive skin, and provides moisture as well as serves as an anti-inflammatory. For something extra luxurious, you can create a paste using milk, honey, and finely ground oatmeal.  


Dark spots and other forms of hyperpigmentation happen for many reasons, exposure to the sun, picking at a pimple, or hormone changes. Thankfully, there’s one main ingredient that is super effective at evening skin tone and reducing the appearance of dark spots: Vitamin C.

Applying Vitamin C topically isn’t just great at diminishing hyperpigmentation, but it’s effective at preventing wrinkles as well. This is because Vitamin C is collagen and elastin booster, which works to keep your skin strong and resilient. 

Oiliness and Acne

Sulfur has been used to treat bacteria infections for centuries, but has been off most people’s radars as a skincare ingredient. Dermatologists have been using sulfur as an ingredient in soaps, salves, and washes in order to control oily skin and the spread of bacteria. The quickest way to diminish an existing blemish is by using a sulfur-based medication as a spot treatment. This will dry the spot out, as well as reduce swelling and redness.

If you’re prone to severe breakouts that become inflamed or infected, colloidal silver is another powerful ingredient. The best thing about colloidal silver is it’s a natural and safe antimicrobial, making it a great alternative to many caustic acne medications.  

Of course, aside from your daily regimen, it’s never a bad idea to take a trip to the spa for a thorough facial.  Schedule skincare service with us and our aestheticians can talk about what products you’re using and make suggestions on what to add to your routine. You can book your appointment online or simply give us a call.