Top 5 Hairstyles for Men and Women in 2016

Reinvent yourself with an all-new, on-trend hair style this Spring! From classic bobs to flowing waves, natural hair to sleek styling and everything in between, 2016 brings several exciting and cutting edge styles for both men and women. Take a quick look at the new year’s hottest hairstyle trends.


Classic Bob

Beautiful Long HairSet off your cheekbones and emphasize your eyes with the ever-versatile classic bob. Bobs offer a fantastic variety of styling options. They look gorgeous whether they’re worn straight or in curls, blunt or layered, whether styled or fully natural. Bobs are an excellent option for most hair types, and look great regardless of hair thickness or texture.


Bayalage first emerged as an innovative trend in 2015 and entered 2016 stronger than ever. Ideal for any hair length, bayalage is a French hair colouring technique where colour is applied by hand as opposed to foil or cap machine methods. Bayalage lends an utterly unique, beautifully natural aspect to your hair, whether you’re going with subtle highlight or vivid pastels. This unique hair-colouring treatment brings singular vitality and brightness to hair of any length or texture.

Curls and Waves

Experts predict that natural-looking curls and sleek waves will dominate 2016 hair trends. Both styles are ideal for everything from casual mornings at home to nights on the town, work, and formal occasions. Versatile, flattering, and striking, this trend is sure to offer year-round style.

Long Hair

If a bob just isn’t for you, have no fear. Long hair is another top trend that’s taking 2016 by storm. This classic, easy to maintain style is universally flattering and stylistically appropriate wherever you go. Consult a professional salon to create the optimum style for long hair, or for advice on healthily grow out shorter hair. if you have shorter hair and simply don’t want to wait, be sure to ask your stylist about hair extensions.

Natural Colors

While stunning bright pastels, bright neons and striking candy colours are rightfully popular, expect a definitive shift toward natural colours – red in particularly. Whether you choose blonde, brown, red, or black, and opt for a striking monochrome or flattering highlights, your preferred natural colour is sure to be a hit this year. Book an appointment with professional stylist for help choosing the best natural colour for your hair.


Tapered High-Volume Undercut

The classic undercut has experienced a renaissance over the past few years, and it’s easy to see why. Undercuts are sleek, classic, easy to maintain and undeniably flattering. 2016 has introduced an especially welcome twist to this staple: the high-volume taper. Leave the hair on top of your head especially long while carefully maintaining short sides. This provides a lot of length and volume, which preserves your natural texture and allows you to achieve any variety of looks, including the classic sweep-back, curls, and windswept waves.

Long Business Cut

This twist on the classic professional cut is flattering, versatile, and on-trend. Keep the sides of your hair short while carefully growing out the hair on top of your head. This gives you a full-looking head of hair and endless styling options without sacrificing your office-ready sophistication.


This masculine twist on the old favorite sees hair clipped anywhere between your ears and chin, with carefully textured ends to maintain a strong, flawless, and natural effect. Wear it sleek, tousled waved, or curled for a unique and striking look. Versatile and easy to care for, the bob is a fantastic cut for men who prefer to keep their hair longer.

Relaxed Pompadour

This classic style offers a modern twist with improved length and volume. Longer hair makes it easy to style sleek waves and curls for a sophisticated, professional look. Great for short to mid lengths, the relaxed pompadour is a sophisticated style that’s perfect for any occasion.

Faded Quiff

The faded quiff features closely shaved hair on the sides with a lot of length and volume on top. Easy to style and especially great for thick or textured hair, this cut offers endless styling opportunities, from business-appropriate styles to highly creative options styles. It’s versatile and customizable, so consult a stylist to find the perfect thickness, length, and texture for your hair.

2016 is finally here, and with it a bevy of exciting new styles for men and women. Whether short or long, casual or formal or with the opportunity for both, there’s an option for everyone. Visit a professional stylist today and you’ll be rocking the perfect new look in no time.