What is Flamboyage?

Flamboyage is one of the latest hair colouring technique for those who want a truly blended, natural looking highlights. This technique was created by Davines very own Angelo Seminara, who put it well when he said that it looks like “highlights created by nature.”

You may have heard that Flamboyage is a “combination of ombre and balayage” but that isn’t accurate. Flamboyage is an entirely new colouring service that uses a unique application tool, also developed by Angelo Seminara. Flamboyage is not hand-painted onto strands like Balayage, and whether it is ombre or not depends entirely on how you want your stylist to apply the technique.

How is Flamboyage done?

You’d think that in order to achieve such a delicate colouring technique that the process must be painstaking, but it’s quite the opposite. This method involves a spontaneous selection of fine hairs using a clever adhesive strip called Flamboyage Meche. These strip of self-stick paper are both versatile and practical to use – they are transparent which allows your hair stylist to more easily check how the colour is processing. They also wash out easily with water – no snagging or stickiness.

Though the strips allow for a super fine and spontaneous hair selection, they also provide a great surface for colour application and are easily sealed once folded. Placement of these strips give your colourist artist freedom to create depth and dimension in your hair as though you were born with it.

If you want to see the flamboyage technique in action, check out this video by Davines:

How do you know if you should try flamboyage?

You believe less is more

If your idea of ideal hair colour is something beautiful and understated, then this technique was made for you. Whether going up only a few shades or you want a more subtle display of a vibrant colour, your highlights will be well-blended, long lasting, and highly personalized.

You love low maintenance hair colour

Because it does mimic natural highlights, flamboyage is super low maintenance. No more having to deal with obvious root growth till your next salon appointment. The new growth effect is reduced significantly because this technique makes the distinction between the roots much more subtle.

You want highlights that enhances your natural colour

You love your natural hair colour but want to give it a little something extra, but nothing too drastic, then flamboyage is perfect for you. This technique offers dimension in the most elusive way, creating “peek-a-boo” highlights that give your locks glimmer and shine. Perfect for adding a bit of lightness in spring and summer, or warming up your hair in the fall.

Now next time soneone asks “What is flamboyage?” you can tell them. Whether you have thick or fine, curly or straight hair, all hair types can benefit from beautiful flamboyage highlights. Flamboyage can be done on all hair lengths and can be used to add face framing highlights, an ombre effect, and much more.