What to Do If You Fall Asleep In Your Makeup

Falling Asleep in your makeup has long been on the list of “no-nos” for skincare, but that doesn’t mean accidents never happen. Maybe you work a late shift, have a hard time establishing a routine, enjoyed a late night out, or just forgot! Here’s what to do during those times you just don’t make it to the bathroom sink before falling asleep.

Examine Your Skin First

Accessing the damage is a good starting point of what to do when fall asleep in your makeup, but it will also give you clues as to how your skin is reacting to it. Do you breakout from it? Does it clog your pores or make you puffy? Or is the issue usually just increased sensitivity and redness? Sometimes, what looks like dark circles is just the remains of eye makeup not being properly washed off. You’ll know the best way of treating your skin by giving it a good look first.

Oils Are Your Friend

You don’t want to take an aggressive approach to washing off old eye-makeup, which will just lead to skin pulling and more redness. For caked on makeup around your eyes, one of the gentlest ways to get it off (before thoroughly washing your face) is with oils like coconut, almond oil, argan oil, or any other good facial oil. Using a q-tip, you can gentle rub off eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, and anything smudged around the eyes.

Use Facial Wipes

If you fall asleep in your makeup often, chances are you’re having a hard time establishing a nightly routine. If you get some facial wet wipes, all you need is to take two minutes of wiping your face and (gently) around the eyes. There are a lot of good facial wipes made now with natural ingredients that are great for skin. You can even keep them on your nightstand to remind yourself before bed!

Get a Facial

If you feel like you need help getting your skin back on track, you can try getting some help from the pros. A rejuvenating facial will improve the appearance and texture of tired or damaged-looking skin. Sometimes we all just need a “reset” button and facials are a great way of bringing skin back to life!

Change Your Bed Sheets

Fresh bed sheets provide a better (cleaner and healthier) surface for your skin to rest on each night. If you’ve fallen asleep in your makeup, you’ve probably gotten it all over your sheets or pillowcase. To keep your skin from picking up old makeup, bacteria, and oil from previous nights, make sure to wash your sheets afterwards.

Get The Nutrition You Need

Enable your skin to recover from damage with the right nutrition. Antioxidants such as vitamin C, A, and E are super important for collagen productive and cellular turnover of your skin. If you know your skin has suffered from too many nights of falling asleep with makeup on, then make sure you’re giving your skin what it needs to recover on the inside.

Aside from vitamins and minerals, water is also essential to beautiful skin. Drinking plenty of water can help reduce puffiness from sleeping in makeup and get rid of toxins in your skin. Drink up!

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